How To Design Fitness/Gym Facebook Cover (Photoshop Tutorial)
How To Design Fitness/Gym Facebook Cover (Photoshop Tutorial)

Exercise Posters for Gyms: How to Decorate the Gym Walls with Workout Prints

Gym wall decoration is a very specific theme. In fact, gyms can’t be decorated with random pictures and accessories. All the details must be chosen in accordance with the function of the place. The best option is an exercise poster, which doesn’t only add liveliness to dull walls, but also performs certain functions.

Let me show you how the exercise posters can be used at gyms and provide with the best examples of such prints.


  • 1 Main Functions of Exercise Posters for Gym
  • 2 10 Most Popular Kinds of Exercise Posters for Gyms

Main Functions of Exercise Posters for Gym

In general, the exercise posters are used for three main goals: to educate, to motivate and to decorate. Let’s consider them in more detail.


First of all, a poster may have an educational function. It may show in pictures how to do certain exercises and treat the equipment in the gym. Thus, a poster about exercise, which shows in details how to do it correctly, can be a good assistant to the visitors of the gym. The images can be dedicated to various types of physical activity, from running to yoga.

Moreover, the educational print may show not only how to do exercises but also provide with the tips on other aspects of the healthy way of life. For instance, it can be an image, dedicated to healthy food, which tells about what products are beneficial for our health and how to keep to a healthy diet.

Or, it can be an informational print, showing the benefits of doing sports and tips on how to choose the most appropriate kind of sports. In fact, any information, which will be interesting and helpful to the visitors of the gym can be used and presented in a graphic way.

Also, some gyms use large prints, where the gym rules are listed. It can concern any type of training and tell about what clothes and footwear is necessary, what a visitor can do and what is prohibited etc.


Exercise motivational posters are used at almost all gyms. They have various designs, but the function remains the same: to inspire a person to doing sports. Such prints turn out to be very efficient and are used not only at ordinary gyms but also at homes.

Frankly, both beginners and professional sportsmen need motivation during trainings. Sometimes, a simple image or a short phrase may make us feel the burst of energy to continue training and achieve great results and it doesn’t matter if we have our first day at gym or train there for years.

Exercise posters motivational may feature motivational phrases and quotes of famous people about sports. Though some people think that these phrases don’t have any effect, the simple truth is that they really work. They can push us forward and provide with the inspiration to work harder and achieve amazing results.

It’s possible that motivational prints feature a photo of a sportsman or a well-trained person. The images of people with ideal bodies or whose sports results really impress may serve as an additional source of motivation, especially for beginners.


Obviously, posters for gym wall are also used for decoration. As it can be a challenge to choose the proper wall art for a gym, posters serve as the universal tools as they can be placed in any part of the gym and be dedicated to any theme.

The prints can be of various sizes. Of course, large posters look more impressive and are more suitable. People come to gyms to work on their bodies and not to read. That’s why, only a few people will come up to see what is depicted or written on a tiny print. In their turn, large prints are well-seen from a distance and deliver the main idea immediately.

However, it doesn’t mean that small prints aren’t used at gyms. If to place them correctly, they will be visible to a person, who is interested in information they contain. For example, an image, how to use certain training equipment can be located near it and so, everyone, who’d like to use it, will see the necessary information.

10 Most Popular Kinds of Exercise Posters for Gyms

Needless to say, when we seek for an exercise poster, we face a great number of possible variants. Here are 10 examples of the most appropriate prints for gyms.

Motivational Exercise Posters

Workout motivational posters are the most frequently used decorations for gym walls. And it’s not strange as every visitor of the gym needs some motivation from time to time.

By and large, exercise motivation posters can be of two types. The first type features the motivational photos, which can inspire people to train. Usually, it’s a photo of a person with muscular body or a famous athlete. The other type includes the prints, which feature motivational and inspirational phrases. The background for such a poster can be simple and monotonous or a photo can be used.

Dumbbell Exercise Poster

A dumbbell seems to be the easiest equipment in the gym. However, not everyone knows how to treat it correctly. A dumbbell exercises poster provides examples of how it can be used in order to train the muscles and avoid injuries.

Dumbbell exercise posters can be presented in the form of infographics. The images are usually graphic and the text with the explanations is optional. Or, the print can feature a photo of a person, doing the exercises. Such an image also serves as a case study.

Bowflex Exercise Poster

Many of us prefer to train at gyms because there are many types of equipment for all kinds of muscles. Exercise posters for gyms may show how to use that equipment correctly. Very seldom, a person, who comes to the gym for the first time, knows how to use the sports equipment and so, it’s a good idea to print instructions.

Not only Bowflex equipment can be complemented by such prints but any other kind of it. It’s especially important if you use innovative equipment. As even professionals may fail to know how to treat it, it’s better to provide them with the instructions before they start to use it. As it’s pretty hard to watch all the visitors, a poster may brilliantly perform this function.

Yoga Posters

Frankly, yoga is one of the most beneficial kinds of sports for our health. Fitness posters for gyms, which show various yoga poses, are very helpful for both visitors and trainers. In addition, you can use inspirational photos of people doing yoga.

As some yoga poses and moves can be used as a part of any other training, the images related to yoga can be placed in other parts of the gym as well, for example, in the pilates class.

Crossfit Posters

Crossfit is very popular among both men and women. As it’s a strength and conditioning program, this kind of sports can’t be called the easy one. That’s why, everyone, who deals with it, needs some additional motivation not to give up.

Crossfit exercise posters for sale don’t have too many variations. They may feature a set of exercises for certain training or photos, taken during workouts. Moreover, it can be a print, dedicated to the pieces of advice of how to train correctly and avoid traumas.

Pilates Posters

We all know that nowadays pilates is one of the most favorite kinds of sports among women. Gym exercise posters for pilates classes usually show how to do the pilates exercises properly. In addition, it can be an infographic on a certain set of exercises, for instance, the one for stretching.

Also, like in any other kind of fitness posters, the ones with the photos of people doing pilates are also quite widespread. The yoga prints are often used as well.

Aerobics Posters

Many gyms offer aerobic classes and so, such prints are also quite widespread. Physical fitness posters, featuring people doing aerobics, are the most suitable ones. As it’s hard to show all the motions with the help of the picture, such prints serve for decorative and inspirational functions only.

In addition, the aerobic-themed prints may contain the images of the equipment used for this kind of trainings as well as information as to the aerobics benefits.

Famous Sportsmen Posters

A Kyle Lowry Poster

A Kyle Lowry Poster

It’s not a secret that many motivational gym posters for sale contain the images of famous sportsmen and bodybuilders. These people are idols for many of us. However, such bodybuilders as Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno aren’t just idols but are examples to follow for many men.

The placement of the photos of famous sportsmen inspires and pushes forward to new achievements. It’s not obligatory to use photos of bodybuilders. You are free to hang the images from any other kind of sports. For instance, it can be a poster of a basketball or football star.

Posters about Healthy Way of Life

As a rule, gym visitors lead a healthy way of life and every piece of interesting and helpful information will be appreciated by them. Besides free physical education posters, you can hang the ones, dedicated to other healthy activities. For instance, show the benefits of walks in the fresh air.

Also, all bodybuilders know that nutrition is extremely important. He tips on the healthy diet or lists of the best products for athletes are a very good idea. It’s better to place such prints at the reception or in locker rooms.

Prints of Men and Women with Well-Trained Bodies

You might have noticed that there is a huge amount of fitness posters for sale, featuring the photos of bodybuilders. As, in the majority of cases, they have the bodies of our dreams and are visual representation of what we aim to, it’s normal to use their photos for inspiration.

While choosing the prints for your gym, take into account that the visitors are of both genders and that’s why, you need to select the posters of both men and women. You can also add the prints of people of different race and age.

In truth, it’s not a problem to find a nice exercise motivational poster, which can be placed at gym to inspire its visitors. The choice is really great. Moreover, you can use workout posters for home gym if you prefer home trainings. At home, we need even more motivation than at public gyms and so, it’s a cool way to decorate the room with functional wall decor.

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