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Fairy Tail (Hội Pháp Sư) - Tập 307 [Việt sub]

Meaning of the Edo-Gruvia son’s name

I’ve seen some confusion about his name. The name is easy to understand in Japanese, but for those who don’t know the language, it’s more complicated. Therefore I am going to try and break it down as best as I can.


His name is: グレージュ
Gureju (Romaji), Greige (English)

GREY (color) in Japanese: グレー (Gurē)
BEIGE (color) in Japanese: ベージュ (Bēju)

Put them together and you get Gureju/Greige グレージュ
As such, Gureju/Greige is a COLOR of its own that combines the two colors grey and beige. The English pronunciation /ɡrāZH/ is pretty self explanatory. It’s “beige” but with “gr” instead of “b”.

Parent’s names:
グレイ Gurei (Gray)
ジュビア Jubia (Juvia)
Put them together and you get the same name as above:
*Note: グレー and グレイ are the same thing, they both mean Grey/Gray. Think of it as different spelling.


In case some people don’t know what the color greige looks like, here are some different shades of it.

So like Gray and Silver, the (edo) Gruvia son is named after a color, and at the same time, is a combination of Gray and Juvia’s actual names. Also when you search グレージュ on Google images or twitter, you’ll see many Japanese people showing off their grey/beige (greige) colored hair.
Anyway, his name is no weirder than many other FT character names. And honestly the name is impressive once you understand it. A color AND combination of Gray and Juvia’s names. Neat!
Now the question is… will Mashima keep this name or change it for the earthland version? ;) I am so happy this precious baby boy is canon in the manga in some way. ;-; Since Edolas is a parallel world when it comes to characters, we now await the real/original world version, lol. Gray and Juvia are in love after all, hehe~
Hope this explanation helped!
EDIT: Response to some replies I got on this post: I really believe many people don’t like the name because they became too attached to fan made ones and— “Greige” sounds weird because people aren’t used to the name. But after while they will be fine with it, just like all the other weird (Gajeel “Gajiru”, Mystogan “Misutogan”, Laxus “Rakusasu”, hello??) FT character names. So many fans hated and made fun of the names “Boruto” and “Sarada” (salad-chan lmao) at first too. Anyway, if you say the name “Greige” out loud it’s not that bad. This is a very common hair color in Japan that’s popular.

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