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Personal Trainer Beckenham | Personal Training In Beckenham | Yoga In Beckenham


Come as you are. Start where you are at.

Tuesday's 9.30 - 10.45 am via zoom

Who am I?

I am a local mother and yoga teacher that is passionate about yoga and its benefits to our health and wellbeing. I have been teaching Yoga since 2012. I am trained and qualified with Birthlight as well as BWY.

Who are these classes for?

These classes are suitable for anyone including beginners.They are Great for those that need some time for recuperation.


These classes provide a safe and welcoming environment.

Helps to alleviate general aches and pains and keeps the body supple and strong.

Develop ways and means for calming your nervous systems.

Increases your breath awareness and body awareness.

Discover the benefits of deep relaxation.

Class structure?

Classes are different each week and tend to work to the needs of the group.

All classes include time for breath work, nurturing yoga and relaxation.

This class as with all my classes has become an opportunity to develop physical awareness and breath awareness.

We use gentle yoga to both strengthen and stretch the body helping to relieve tight muscles and aches and pains.

We use breathing techniques to oxygenate the blood and soothe the nervous systems.

This is not typically a flow class, I like to teach a range of postures so that there is something that is suitable for everyone. An opportunity for the individual to take stock, to have some time for yourself and absorb the wonderful benefits of yoga.

Booking details?

Classes are either in blocks of 6 and cost £42 for the block or £8 for a single class.

For more information or to book the class please email or call 07747 613 147

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