Quan Son Lake - Ha Long Bay on land in Hanoi Vietnam (Relaxing Music)
Quan Son Lake - Ha Long Bay on land in Hanoi Vietnam (Relaxing Music)

Quan Son Lake Ecotourism Area, My Duc, Hanoi

Dubbed as “Ha Long on land” of Hanoi, Quan Son Lake ecotourism destination (Hop Tien commune, My Duc district) is the ideal destination for the city’s residents to relax at weekend.

About 40 kilometers from the center of Hanoi to the southwest, Quan Son tourist site has an area of up to 860 ha in the territory of 4communes of Thuong Lam, Tuy Lai, Hong Son and Co Tien.

Time to Quan Son Lake

The best time to come to Quan Son lake is in the lotus blooming season, from middle May to middle June when lotus blooms extremely beautifully. If you arrive at other time, the carpet of aquatic plants covering the lake surface is also equally beautiful as in lotus season.

The road to Quan Son

The road to Quan Son is quite easy to find, you can take the bus or travel by motorcycle. This way is similar to the way the Perfume Pagoda, that is, from Hanoi, you go down to Ha Dong, turn left to Van Dinh, Te Tieu at Xa La T- junction. With those travelling by motorcycle, when passing the town of Van Dinh, you will go along the dike to the intersection of Dai Nghia town, then you go straight through a field to reach Quan Son Lake. If you take the bus, as soon as reaching the intersection of Dai Nghia town, you get off the bus and catch a motorcycle taxi (about 4km) to Quan Son tourist site. Remember to ask the bus driver about the departure of trip last bus to go back in time. You can get the bus to Te Tieu at My Dinh bus station.

Places to visit

This area owns 20 big and small mountains stretching and embracing the lakes with many steep cliffs located in the lake like the small peninsulas. The journey discovering Quan Son Lake by boat will take tourists to visit the mountains with many different names: Trau Trang (the White Buffalo) Mountain, Su Tu (Lion) Island, Quai Cheo Mountain, Voi Phuc hill …

In Quai Cheo Mountain, visitors can climb the mountain or visit the woods. Boats continue to take tourists to the lotus pond, then around the Lion island, Tranh Treo Mountain, visit Linh Son cave, Ngoc Long cave. Each work is a wonder with many interesting things of nature with stalactiles, stone bearing the shape of Four Holy Beasts “Vietnamese dragon, Qilin, Turtle, Phoenix”, tigers, birds. Passing Da Truot mountain, to Ngan Trai dam, visitors can unleash breath the fresh air and enjoy the panoramic view of Quan Son tourist site. It’s great to capture in views the rolling mountains curving around the lake, alternating the green of forests and yellow color of ripe rice.

In particular, in the period of from October to March of the next year, in Voi Valley, visitors will admire the bird sanctuary of Quan Son with all kinds of birds flocking to build nest. If you visit “Halong in land” in May, June, you will be completely fascinated by the charm of white or pink lotus flowers. In addition, there are many temples in Quan Son such as Linh Son Pagoda with ancient architecture of the seventeenth century, or Cao temple, Ham Yen Pagoda which are also very pure and quiet.

After experiencing unspoiled nature of Quan Son Lake, tourists should come to Hoa Qua Son island to relax and have lunch. Surely, you will remember the specialties here, such as fish salad, steamed snails, red shrimp paste… If you have more time, you can travel Quan Son Lake and Boi Khe Pagoda, Chuong village famous for traditional craft of making conical hat ( Thanh Oai district) on the way. Not as noisy and crowded as the big parks or lakes in the city, every year, Quan Son lake welcomes more than 8,000 visitors.

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